Angora Addition

I was going to get this up a while back, but for the past two weeks I’ve had a cold thing and just had enough energy to do what I had to. Anyways, two weeks and two days ago, Dad, Mom, and I took a trip across the state boarder and came back with five new farm additions:

Believe it or not, these things are not sheep, but goats. Angora goats to be specific. It’s hard to tell the difference from a distance, but up close you see that although they may have the hair of a sheep, they have the head of a goat.

They are supposed to be sheared twice a year: spring and fall. They had the fall shearing in August, so come February, we’ll see what laughs we get when I attempt shearing….

Goat Hay Rack

I got tired of waiting for Kyle to build me a hay rack, so I just did it instead. I didn’t have to buy and wood or screws to build it, but I did end up borrowing this saw thingy (that’s about as technical as I get) from a friend. It helped me cut the boards at an angle.

And yes, the boards that make up the rack are a bit crooked. I really didn’t follow instructions. The plans were for a rack that used Premier 1 supplies. Of course, I didn’t want to have to buy anything so I just looked at the pictures and designs. Also, this is my first project I have done without Kyle or Dad being the brains behind it. Actually, Kyle didn’t do anything and Dad just cut a few boards when he got home from work. Kayla helped me the most by standing on the boards I was cutting, holding boards I was screwing, and that type of stuff.

Right now, I have it up against the wall, but if my herd grows, I can pull it out and use both sides. I think that it will be able to feed four goats/sheep on each side for a total of eight animals. If I need more, I can take the plywood off the side and tweak it to feed, maybe, a dozen.