Mitosis Movie

Last May I was blessed to be able to help on set of Mitosis. It was released last week and is available for free viewing via Youtube. Want to know what it’s about? It’s a 15 minute short film about how one person’s decision has the possibility of affecting millions of people.


New Additons

Over the past month, there have been new additions to the farm.
There are three lambs that I have been bottle-feeding, but currently they are being weaned. They should be sold soon (as well is Violet the milk goat’s whether). If anyone is interested in buying them, let me know.
Bartholemew the calf
This is Bartholomew the bottle calf. He is about a month old.
Roxy and Willow
This is the addition I am most excited about and just happened a week ago: Meet Roxy and her two-week-old filly, Willow!

Goat Kids Born

Jael had her kids yesterday morning. I thought you all would like to see them. Kayla named the first one Buz and Kyle name the second one Dodo. They are both biblical names–look it up!

The first one is of Buz a few minutes after he was born.

Jael's kid Buz

Here is Dodo. This was taken later in the day.

Jael's second kid Dodo

This really is a dream come true!