Mitosis Movie

Last May I was blessed to be able to help on set of Mitosis. It was released last week and is available for free viewing via Youtube. Want to know what it’s about? It’s a 15 minute short film about how one person’s decision has the possibility of affecting millions of people.

Prepared Abundantly

Carpenters for Christ
And David said, Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to builded for the LORD must be exceeding magnifical, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his death. (I Chronicles 22:5)

It’s the new mission building. It has a large food pantry, a fellowship hall (that will accommodate our large congregation), a kitchen, and even showers and cots for in case people need to stay due to a natural disaster. It has been years in the planning and two days in the building…Yes, two DAYS into building from the concrete slab and the trusses are already going up. The entire building will be up in just a week.
It is thanks to a group of about seventy men who paid (yes, PAID) their travel expenses to come up, from several hundred miles away, to build this building for the church. As I watched these men work Saturday, I noticed just four or five men were in their twenties or thirties, a few were in their forties, but most of them were fifty or older.
During church Sunday, it was apparent that they were passionate about what they do even though they will probably never see this building completed and ministering. They may die before they ever hear of what this building is used for. They will never see the many families the food pantry will feed; nor will they see the cots scattered across the floor giving tornado and flood victims a place to sleep, eat, and shower. They will probably never share a hearty Baptist meal under those trusses they set today.
Yet that doesn’t stop them. They drive each nail in while sweat glistens on their smiling faces. They have peace in their hearts even when things go wrong. They sit down during break and laugh with laughter that comes from deep within. They are joyful when they think about how many people this building will help; people they will never meet. Yet when these men get to heaven, they will realize that, like David, they “prepared abundantly”.
Many times in life, God calls us to prepare for things that we will never see fulfilled. Then again, if we are just preparing, we’re doing it wrong. We are called to prepare ABUNDENTLY. We are called to pour everything we have into what we are doing. Some are called to put every last penny they can into the mission fund even though they will never see the souls saved due to their support of a missionary. Some are called to spend every extra minute they have composing or arranging a new song to praise the Lord with, yet they will never see all the lives touched, strengthened, or changed when that song is sung.
Isaiah and Jeremiah pleaded and prepared for the return of Israel, yet died before the nation repented and returned to God.
Stephen preached before the Sanhedrin, yet died before seeing the persecutor of the church, Saul, give his life to Christ and become Paul the great New Testament evangelist.
William Tyndale spent his life translating the Bible into English, yet died before seeing it completed or allowed into England.
Jim Elliot prepared to minister to the Huaorani people, yet died before getting to see even one soul saved.
What about you? What are you called to pour every ounce of energy into? Will you be able to look down from heaven and say with a shout “THAT is what I prepared for!”?

Life is Busy

Amid all the college work, barn chores, and just general life I haven’t had much time to think let alone write! As much as I disliked doing it, I ended up diminishing the amount of livestock in the barnyard just so that I could keep up everything.

The busyness is a blessing in several ways: I’m learning a lot and I don’t have time to stew over things. Most single people around Valentines Day are in the dumps. I’m way too busy for that! I barely have time to do any hobbies, let alone be in a relationship!

But I have also found that the busier I get, the more I push God to the side. Bible study gets rushed through and prayer is skipped so that I can “get to school on time” or because “I just can’t seem to focus”. As I look at it though, I’m finding that my problem isn’t time management or focus. I can get to places on time and still get all the stuff I WANT to get done, done. My problem isn’t that I can’t focus. I can make myself focus on school when it needs to get done.

The bigger issue is that I have prioritized everything else above quiet time. As life got busier, I started cutting out and diminishing things I felt wasn’t important (like the ton of livestock I had in the barn). Unfortunately, I also cut into God’s time. And it took a while for me to realize it. I’ve missed out on so much wisdom, much more than I can ever learn on my own or through my teachers!

So as life gets busy, make sure to stop every once in a while and double check your priorities. Don’t be dismayed if you have slacked off like me. Even Jim Elliot struggled with “consistent thoughtlessness and careless neglect of prayer and Bible study” (The Journals of Jim Elliot, Feb 9, 1948). He was able to overcome and grow with Christ’s help and so can we! We just have to start with a quiet room and God’s listening ears. Life, in the mist of our busyness, can still be used by God. All we have to do is ask for another chance.

Aughts Against Any

“Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” Matthew 18:18.

For a long time I was puzzled..about what ‘loosing’ and ‘binding’ meant. Then I found out: it means that by hanging onto my judgement of another I can bind him to the very conditions I’d like to see changed. By our unforgiveness, we stand between the other person and the Holy Spirit’s work in convicting him and then helping him…Forgiveness means that I’m no longer binding a certain person on earth. It means withholding judgement…
A couple of years ago I was going through one of those prayers-no-getting-beyond-the-ceiling periods and I prayed ‘Lord, I don’t have enough faith. Give me the gift of faith.’
‘It isn’t your faith,’ the reply came ‘I can see faith even if it is as small as a mustard seed. No, It’s something else. When you stand praying – forgive if you have aught against any. That’s your trouble. That’s why your prayers aren’t answered. You go about with a lot of aughts against a lot of anys.’

–David DuPlessis
Quoted in the book Something More by Cathrine Marshall.


Willow and Bart (3) resized
Willow the filly and Bartholomew the calf are growing up so fast! I can hardly believe that they are already 1 month and 2 1/2 months old! My summer has been filled to the brim. Last week my Wally (my angora billy goat) was droopy to the point that I actually took him to the vet. Turns out he is anemic due to parasites. The parasites were immune to the dewormer I had used.

Today I made homemade fly spray using Listerine, vinegar, oil, dish soap, and water…it didn’t turn out that well so if any of you have a good homemade recipe I could sure use it!

My church could use your prayers. We need revival. Some want it, but there are some that don’t want to put the effort into it. Pray that those who do want it will have the strength to move forward regardless.