Secret Canyon Hike

So I can finally get these photos uploaded! The day after Christmas was warm, so we decided to go for a hike.

First of all, we just had to cross a cool ten-feet-off-the-ground tree.
Then we found a cool cave in the bluff.

When we came to the creek, the boys started making a bridge. The girls took off thier shoes and waded across. I took the bridge. Later, at another creek crossing, my choices were to either run across in my shoes like the boys did or wade barefoot like the girls did. Tough…but my preferance for dry shoes won out. LOL!
After the creek crossing, we found a big icethingy and a half-frozen fern.

Everyone went on ahead while I was taking a picture of the ferns. When I looked up, everyone was gone! I figured that either they were hiding, and would come out, or forgot me and come back for me. The case was the latter. In the meantime, I found a mushroom growing on a tree.
After tramping around in a thicket, crossing the creek barefooted, and finding Dad and Mom, we headed back to the house for leftover Christmas cookies (it was the day after Christmas) and a game of Apples to Apples!