Snowlit Sledding

All is dark in the house; it was about nine o’clock and the family was about to go to bed. My in-one-week-and-he-will-be-a-brother-in-law dashed to his truck in the driveways to retrieve an item. He stumbled through the snow on the way back to the house and when he finally entered the front door he announced: “It was so bright out there I had to squint!” That statement changed the evening. Even though I couldn’t see it, I could hear the gleam in my brother’s eyes come out in his voice:

“Hey Dad, can we go sledding! It isn’t dark outside at all and it is actually safer!”


At this point, my older sister joined in. “Yeah, because the things you don’t want to hit will be dark.”

“Can we Dad, please?!” By now, everyone in the house age 2o and under were excited.

“What do you think?” Dad was asking Mom, not us.

Mom laughed, “Why not? Just don’t be out too late.”

After obtaining permission to invite the Amish Mennonite neighbors, with whom we have had many adventures, we set off to sled down the hill where we have always gone since the 2008 Ice Storm Adventure.

It may have been night, but it wasn’t dark. You could see just about as far as you could in the day…just not as detailed. The snow had melted a bit during the day, but had become ice by the time we arrived. Our packed sledding path from earlier in the day was now an ice path.

Everyone was giddy with excitement when we arrived at the hill. Although our neighbors hadn’t arrived yet, I set my sled at the start our sledding path and shoved off.

I had had trouble staying on the path during the day, but night was different. I took off down that hill so fast that all I could see was white flying past me. I had no clue where I was going or if I would survive, but did that scare me? No way! By the time I got to the bottom I was laughing hysterically. When I finally got a handle on myself I, as you can probably guess, picked up my sled and raced back up to the top as my family members flew screaming past me on their sleds!

Call us crazy if you want, it won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. Life itself is an adventure, but it is a whole new story when you surround yourself with adventurous, imaginative, country folks.


Hey guys, I thought ya’ll would like to know that Ian Gebbia and Kristen DePriest, my sister, are engaged. Kristen took a picture of the ring, but as soon as I get more pictures I will try to post them. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving Kristen such a good looking, godly man as Ian. It is such a blessing to add him to the family!

Kristen's Engagement Ring on her Hand