Goat Kids Born

Jael had her kids yesterday morning. I thought you all would like to see them. Kayla named the first one Buz and Kyle name the second one Dodo. They are both biblical names–look it up!

The first one is of Buz a few minutes after he was born.

Jael's kid Buz

Here is Dodo. This was taken later in the day.

Jael's second kid Dodo

This really is a dream come true!

Dad’s Birthday

Wow. I am so late in getting this up!

This year, Dad turned 50. Sunday night, at a funeral, people who haven’t seen him since he was 30ish say that he hasn’t changed a bit. Most thought that we were kidding them when we told them that he had turned 50 on Saturday!

On dad’s birthday, we met the Smalls at Vianna. The adults all rode in the DePriest car with Dad driving. The kids all rode in the Small car with David driving.

From front to back: David and Kyle, Kendra (me) and Kayla, Kristen and Rebecca.

Here is Kyle wondering if he can clean his plate.

After Lambert’s we went to Boomland to kind of walk off the meal. We stopped by Trigg Tower on the way home. Now if you want to see the view from the top (even though I have pictures of it) you’ll have to come visit us! ūüėČ

After we got home, Mrs. Small and Rebecca pulled out a cake that they had made.

We kids then went outside¬†and had a BLAST playing with the ballons. We¬†used two people and placed a ballon between the back. We then raced around the house to see who could work together the best. Kristen and¬†I¬†won the first round and the¬†race down the driveway. I think David and Kyle won the rest. Poor¬†Kayla and Rebecca’s ballon kept popping. When we couldn’t laugh anymore for pain, we played Blind-Man’s-Bluff until¬†dark. Then we went inside and played Keep-as-many-ballons-in-the-air-as-you-can with the parents.

The¬†Smalls left¬†by 7. Dad went into Grandma’s for¬†awhile. He was back in time for the Republican debate at 8.