New Additons

Over the past month, there have been new additions to the farm.
There are three lambs that I have been bottle-feeding, but currently they are being weaned. They should be sold soon (as well is Violet the milk goat’s whether). If anyone is interested in buying them, let me know.
Bartholemew the calf
This is Bartholomew the bottle calf. He is about a month old.
Roxy and Willow
This is the addition I am most excited about and just happened a week ago: Meet Roxy and her two-week-old filly, Willow!


Thoughts as a Child

I am going through some of my stuff in the basement, specifically my “keepsake box”. When we were little, we wanted to keep every card or picture we ran across. Mom, of course, didn’t. So, she gave us each a small, rectangular, box and told us that we could keep anything that we could fit in that box. I ran across a yellow scrap of paper in that box today. It had to be written around 2001, when I was 6 or 7, due to the fact that 39 out of 75 words are pitifully misspelled and the writing is shaky. This scrap of paper reminded me that God sometimes makes things so simple that only a child can understand. So here it is (with correct spelling):
“America is supposed to be a free country and love God, but all people want to do is sin! Why don’t they believe in God instead of doing sin? Why don’t they just go to church? Because they are just too busy in sin to do anything! Why do they think that dinosaurs lived a million years ago? There’s a lot of questions to ask like why do some people believe in evolution? I do not know.”